The Cherokee Station Business Association includes over 50 independently owned and operated businesses over seven blocks on Cherokee Street. Surrounded by a dense and active residential community, these businesses serve those within walking distance as well as attracting customers from all over the St. Louis area looking for a unique shopping experience.

The types of establishments you'll find on Cherokee Street are as diverse as the architecture. From retail clothing, independent grocers, and emerging art studios to ethnic dining and live entertainment, the Cherokee Station Business District has it all.


The CSBA meets the third Thursday of each month at 5:30pm at Nebula Coworking (3407 S Jefferson). In addition to our regular meetings, we also organize multiple special events over the course of the year including block tours, holiday celebrations, and the largest Cinco de Mayo festival in St. Louis.

The map below shows the boundaries of Business District, surrounding neighborhoods, and the two wards (9th & 20th) that include the district.


Whether you're a business owner, property owner, resident, or philanthropist, there are many ways to get involved. All of our committees are open to new members at any time. Nominations for officers and board members take place in November and elections are in December. If you are unable to make the association meetings, all minutes and other announcements will be available here. And always, please support the area business by shopping locally!